YouVersion App

Steps to install the YouVersion Bible Application and start the Christadelphian Robert Roberts Reading Plan:

  1. Download Mobile YouVersion App

  2. Setup Account (with Facebook/Google/Email)

  3. Search for “Robert Roberts”

  4. Click on “Robert Roberts” Plan

  5. Start Plan

  6. Determine what day of the year today is

  7. Move the Robert Roberts plan to today’s day of the year minus one (if today is January 3rd, select Plan Day 2)

  8. Check all readings for that day in App

  9. Click on the options menu (three dots on upper right)

  10. Click “Catch Me Up”

  11. Scroll to check that January 1 is Day 1 of the Reading Plan

  12. Verify that the app matches the Robert Roberts Reading Plan

    If you have any question, please contact the Chapel Technology Committee